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...dedicated to living the gospel through helping women and children in need throughout the world..

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1 To provide aid and relief assistance in the form of MEDICAL AID to Doctors, Hospitals, Clinics, and Pharmacies who are caring for unwanted, neglected, and suffering children and adults of the former Yugoslov Republics, particularly in Croatia and Bosnia/Hercegovina. We provide Medicine, Medical and Surgical Supplies, Medical Machinery, Laboratory Equipment, and general infant and children's necessities.

2 To provide ASSISTANCE TO ANY CHILD IN NEED. We work extensively in Orphanages, providing medical assistance where needed, personal hygiene products, diapers, head-lice shampoo, etc... We hope to be able to provide safe, loving, environments for children orphaned due to war or other circumstances. This may include "Spiritual Adoption" (Prayer and financial support), Foster parenting and/or adoption in the USA of those children in need. We have the approval & assistance of Catholic Social Services & Caritas International and the Franciscan Community of Bosnia/Hercegovina.

3 To provide SPIRITUAL SUPPORT through prayer, fasting, penance, conversion, and reconciliation to those suffering due to this terrible war. We ask all who assist in this mission to attempt to LIVE THE MESSAGES of Our Blessed Mother, and to LIVE THE TEACHINGS OF THE GOSPELS. "When you did this for the least of My children, you did this for Me." MT 25:40


Praise be Jesus and Mary, our needs are always met by people just like you. So, we thank you, in advance, for any and all assistance you provide.

1 We beg your PRAYERS (God's Will to be done).

2 We need FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE this is a "grass roots" effort and we depend on your donations to help keep this mission alive.


In Jesus, through Mary ,
Dr. Jack J. Mirabile

Dedicated to helping children and families in areas with the greatest needs

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In response to Our Lady's call this mission was undertaken. Thanks be to God that the war in Bosnia/Hercegovina, and Croatia has come to an end. While this mission was originally established to assist in the Balkans, other requests for aid kept pouring in to our office. Whenever and wherever possible this mission has responded to these requests with prayers, supplies, visits, or whatever the spirit prompted. We have assisted in Nations on the African Continent (Kenya and Tanzania), Eastern Europe (Croatia, Bosnia/Hercegovina, Sovenia, Macedonia, Albania, and Kosovo), Central America (Nicargua and Costa Rica), South America (Columbia & Venezuela), and Central America (Nicaragua). Responding to the call of the Holy Father, Pope John Paul II, to be the extended hands of our Lord, and using such people as Mother Teresa as our role models, we visit the poor, the helpless, the downtrodden, the lost, the unwanted, the sick, and the lame. In each case our mission is to ease the suffering of those we meet and to have them see in us the presence of God - by bringing them help we bring them HOPE.

The former Soviet Socialist Republics have begun to assert their independence. We have received many requests for assistance in this vast area which formerly held to the communist ideology and the exclusion of God and church. We have just begun the gathering and sorting of specific supplies needed in these areas. We are the church, and we must continue to be the church. It is our arms reaching out to God's children that allow them to experience the love of God. It is our prayers and sacrifices which will embody the love of Christ to his sheep.

The mission continues... Wherever He calls us.... We will continue to Feed His Sheep, and Feed His Lambs.

Pax Christi,
from all of us at... Holy Family Relief Services


 Holy Family Relief is sending aid to the war torn area of Kosovo where Serbian aggression, much like it was in Bosnia, Hercegovina and Croatia, is causing mass exodus, many refugees, displaced persons, and other horrors..... To see what is currently happening please Click either of the following Links for the

Kosova Crisis Center (KCC) News Network:


Caution: these links can contain pictures that are hard to look at even though they are reality and they are the results of this aggression.


Letter from Dr. Jack Mirabile
April 15, 2001

Dear Supporters,

Holy Family Relief Services, Inc. is a Gainesville Georgia charity that has been in operation for approximately 6 years. Our work has included locating, procuring, cataloguing, packing, and sending medical, surgical, dental, and relief supplies into areas of the world where our brothers and sisters in Christ are in greatest need.

The work of this mission has attracted a significant amount of attention around the world. We have made 16 mission trips into Bosnia-Hercegovina and Croatia during the war. We sent many container loads of essential supplies into this area, meeting the supplies when they arrived in the country and delivering them to the hospitals, orphanages, and churches where they were most needed. We have recently been working in Nicaragua, where we outfitted a hospital, medical laboratory, and sent educational supplies as well. "In May David Peffer and Jack Mirabile traveled into Macedonia to assess the needs of those being attacked by Serbian aggression in Kosovo (this was our best way in to do an assessment). We have found a method of safely getting supplies into this region---into directly--- to assist in areas where many women and children have become refugees, displaced persons, etc... and are in great need of our help. "

While Holy Family Relief has done a significant amount of work in many different areas of the world, including Kenya and Sierra Lione, Africa, Colombia, South America, Nicaragua, Central America, Bosnia-Hercegovina and Croatia, Eastern Europe, and elsewhere, we have also done a significant amount of work in the USA. We assist several Homeless Shelters by providing blankets, hygiene supplies, medications, and infant formula. We are dedicated to helping those less fortunate than ourselves, with an emphasis on helping women and children, especially those who have been effected by war, poverty, or famine and acts of nature.

Holy Family's Board of Directors and Advisors would like to thank those who have helped us in the past and make a special appeal to anyone interested in assisting with this work in the present. We need financial support to be able to continue this work. Your contributions are TAX DEDUCTIBLE, and with every donated DOLLAR, we have been able to send well over $340.00 in supplies and services! We have delivered over $83,000,000.00 already. This has been an incredibly successful charity. Please help us to help others in need?

May God Bless you, and may Our Mother, Mary ever intercede for you as your prayers coincide with the will of the Father.

Peace, Love, and Prayers,

Jack Mirabile, Exec. Dir.,
Holy Family Relief Services, Inc.

Board of Advisors
 Right Rev. John Francis Donaghue,
      Archbishop Of Atlanta - Read my letter
 Father Svetozar Kraljevic', OFM
 Mr. & Mrs. James Hoene
 Mr. & Mrs. Dan Peffer
 Dr. Joseph W. Mirabile
 Ms. Annie Haslam-Hoffman
 Mr. Sam McGee
 Mr. Thomas Moore
Board of Directors
 Dr. Jack Mirabile, Exec. Director
Mrs. Donna Mirabile, Secretary/Treasurer
 Mrs. Anne Gress, Board Member
Ms. Veronica Kolanko, Board Member
Read my Letter - Mr. David Peffer, Board Member
Mr. R. Thad McCormack, Registered Agent
Mrs. Rosa Vosburgh, Board Member, Whse.Supervisor



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