Saint Pamphilus Church

SAINT PAMPHILUS STATUE - The statue of St. Pamphilus adorns the outside wall of the church. It symbolizes the saint's spirit of charity by his basket of bread and the many open hands surrounding him.
REREDOS - The mural of Christ the King on the wall behind the main altar promotes the impression of Christocentricity: Christ our King, our Judge and High Priest.

Church decorated for Christmas

Church decorated for Christmas

(with REREDOS on the wall be-hind the main altar)

Church decorated for Easter

THE MURAL ON THE REAR WALL OF THE CHURCH depicts the TRANSITUS OF ST. FRANCIS. This was his passage from death to eternal life. The work on this mural was donated by Renate Rohn and Rohn Studios and it was dedicated by Fr. Robert Campagna, O.F.M., Provincial Minister of the Province of the lmmaculate Conception on May 5, 1996.








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